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It’s time to get back to blogging on my website — I’m making some changes around here!!

I’m currently in the process of streamlining my pricing for 2019 and I’m also really wanting to encourage clients to print and produce art with their images.  So often, I find out that a client has had images on a USB drive or sitting on a hard drive…. and have NEVER printed anything beyond some 4×6’s for family members. It crushes my artist soul to hear this.  If you look around my house, you’ll find my family IS my artwork.  I love looking at images of my kids as they’ve grown and seeing how much they’ve changed.  My galleries this year are going to include samples of albums, samples of wall displays, and I’ve added some really fun new products that I was introduced to at my photography conference in January.

I was recently reminded by an incredible speaker of the fact that photographs are all your family has left one day.  You aren’t taking pictures for yourself,  you are taking them for your kids, grandkids, and future generations to look back at and remember who you were and where they came from.  Photographs are there to help you remember a tiny snapshot in time.   I’ve always loved looking at pictures of my parents and grandparents and it’s where my love for photography really began.  Whether you like to hang things on your walls, or prefer albums to flip through…. I really hope to see more people printing and enjoying the artwork vs. just posting some files on Instagram or Facebook.

Clients will now be able to send me photos of an area in their home they want to hang artwork on, and I can digitally provide them a mock-up of artwork in that room.  How awesome is that?!?


Stay tuned for more to come.  I can’t wait for all that 2019 has in the works!!


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